To ensure that Oklahoma provides an environment conducive to a high quality of life for all Oklahomans through balanced, responsible economic growth and protection of our natural resources.

EFO will achieve their mission by:

  • Actively promoting the development of sound environmental policies and legislation
  • Educating and informing EFO members, government officials and the citizens of Oklahoma as to environmental issues affecting commerce
  • Addressing the common environmental concerns of EFO members


ODEQ Letter Concerning Wastewater Operations

The ODEQ Water Quality Division has issued a letter to waste water system operators asking that they be vigilant in their operations of public owned treatment works, water reuse systems and industrial pretreatment and wastewater systems. The ODEQ stresses the importance of maintaining disinfection and proper operations as being an essential role in protecting public health and the environment. The letter  includes contact information for the ODEQ Laboratory and other departments in the Water Quality Division and gives links to the CDC and EPA concerning Covid-19. The ODEQ is prepared to assist operators if needed.

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