What is the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma?

The Environmental Federation of Oklahoma, Inc. (EFO) is a nonprofit organization providing Oklahoma companies a voice in the formulation and implementation of state and federal environmental laws, regulations and policies.

Our Goal

EFO’s goal is to ensure that a balance is reached between protecting Oklahoma’s natural resources and responsible economic growth. Achieving this goal will lead to an enhanced environment and an improved quality of life for all the citizens of Oklahoma.

The Environmental Federation of Oklahoma (EFO) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit pro-business organization to provide industry a voice in the environmental affairs of our state. The founders had no budget, no organization, nothing other than a firm belief that such an organization was needed. Today EFO consists of more than eighty company, affiliate, associate and appendix affiliate members.

EFO interacts with numerous agencies and organizations, including the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. EPA Region 6, the Oklahoma Legislature, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, and various other state and federal agencies. EFO committees are directly involved in the rule-making processes of state environmental agencies and routinely play an integral role in determining the ultimate fate of such proposed rules and regulations.

History of the Environmental Federation

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