Joining EFO is easy! Show your support for an Oklahoma organization that encourages responsible industrial growth with respect to the environment.


What is the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma?

The Environmental Federation of Oklahoma, Inc. (EFO) is a non-profit organization providing Oklahoma companies a voice in the formulation and implementation of state and federal environmental laws, regulations and policies.

What is the Goal of EFO?

EFO’s goal is to ensure that a balance is reached between protecting Oklahoma’s natural resources and responsible economic growth. Achieving this goal will lead to an enhanced environment and an improved quality of life for all the citizens of Oklahoma.

Why Should My Company Join EFO?

Each year the number of environmental laws and regulations multiplies. It is virtually impossible for any one company to keep up with all the proposed and adopted changes, and even more difficult for that company’s voice to be heard by the decision makers. EFO assists companies in having their common concerns heard by the Legislature and provides comments and testimony to administrative agencies regarding environmental rules and policies. EFO provides educational opportunities such as seminars, workshops, information exchanges, and regulatory updates to assist you in the day-to-day operations of your company.

How Can My Company Get Involved in EFO?

Start by becoming a member. Then your company can be involved with EFO by attending seminars and the annual meeting and by serving on one or more of the committees listed in the next column. Embrace the opportunity to share common concerns with your peers and policy makers by uniting with other EFO members to address relevant environmental issues facing industry in Oklahoma.

There are several types of EFO membership: The Company Membership, the Associate Membership, the Affiliate Membership, and the Appendix Affiliate.

Levels of Membership:

  • Company Membership
    • Any company doing business in Oklahoma is eligible to become a Company Member of EFO. Company Members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors and may serve as Federation officers.
    • Annual Dues: $2,500 per facility up to a maximum of $6,000
  • Associate Membership
    • Associations and smaller companies doing business in Oklahoma are eligible to become Associate Members of EFO. Associates are not eligible for election to the Board of Directors.
    • Annual Dues: $600
  • Affiliate Membership
    • Affiliate Members are those entities, such as consultants, which are not eligible for Company or Associate Memberships. Affiliate Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors (no more than three at any one time) but may not serve as Chair. Affiliate memberships are limited to one for every three Company or Associate memberships.
    • Annual Dues: $500
  • Appendix Affiliate Membership
    • Appendix Affiliate Memberships are available for those Affiliate Members exceeding the percentage authorized in the bylaws. Appendix Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote at General Membership meetings.
    • Annual Dues: $500


Following is an excerpt of the EFO by-laws describing membership in detail.

Section 3.01

The membership of this Corporation shall consist of five (5) classes of members demonstrating an active interest in promoting the common environmental interests of companies or other entities doing business in Oklahoma: They shall be company members, affiliate members, appendix affiliate members, associate members and ex officio members.

The>(1) Company members shall be companies doing business in the State of Oklahoma.

(2) Affiliate members shall be any other entity deemed by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof to meet the criteria for membership.

(3) Appendix affiliate members shall be those entities who meet all the criteria for affiliate membership except those set forth in Section 3.04.

(4) Associate members shall be associations or companies doing business in Oklahoma who do not wish to serve on the Board of Directors or vote on Federation business.

(5) Ex officio members shall be individuals or entities deemed by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof to meet the criteria for membership.

Section 3.03

Affiliate, appendix affiliate, associate and ex officio membership applications are subject to approval by the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma, Inc. Board of Directors upon presentation of evidence that such membership would further the purposes of the Federation.

Section 3.04

(a) Affiliate memberships should at no time total more than one-third (33-1/3%) of the total Company and Associate memberships.

Applicants for Affiliate membership will be considered for appendix affiliate membership if sufficient Company and Associate memberships have not been approved to maintain the appropriate percentage.

(b) Appendix affiliate members shall become eligible for affiliate membership consideration either in the order in which their appendix affiliate membership was approved, or immediately upon the successful recruitment of two new company members by such affiliate member.