In 1999, Environmental Federation of Oklahoma (EFO) initiated a program to honor outstanding environmental programs and/or projects by establishing the first Award for Environmental Excellence. The next year EFO’s Board renamed the award after long-time Board member Frank Condon. The Frank Condon Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes member companies which have implemented innovative, voluntary, and effective environmental programs. Phillips Petroleum Company was the 2000 award winner and we have celebrated and honored the memory of Frank Condon with this prestigious award to worthy companies every year.



Coffeyville-Burbank Project Nabs Environmental Award

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Brandi Wesselkeith-tracy-with-award-2

Chaparral was recently awarded the Frank Condor Award for Environmental Excellence by the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma for demonstrating initiative and leadership in its pioneering efforts to capture man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) at Coffeyville and permanently sequester it in the company’s North Burbank enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project.

“It’s an honor for our EOR project to receive such a prestigious environmental award,” said CO2Midstream Director Keith Tracy. “This recognition is a testament to Chaparral’s long-term vision and the efforts of everyone involved with the CO2 capture, compression, pipeline transport, injection and associated oil production from this project.”

Since mid-2013, Chaparral has captured 25 to 45 million cubic feet of CO2 per day from the CVR Fertilizer Plant in Coffeyville, Kansas. That equates to more than 1.9 million tons of CO2 that would have been vented into the atmosphere. Instead it is being captured and permanently sequestered into the Burbank field near Shidler, Oklahoma. This is more CO2 than is released into the atmosphere by 440,000 cars each year.

“By capturing more than 2,000 tons a day of man-made CO2 from the fertilizer plant, we’re able to create a win-win-win situation,” said Tracy. “It provides Chaparral with a readily-available CO2source for our world-class EOR project, it puts carbon emissions to good use and Burbank oil production creates quality, long-term jobs.”

The Coffeyville-Burbank project also stands out for its uniqueness within the oil and gas industry. Currently, more than 90 percent of EOR operators use CO2 from naturally occurring underground reservoirs. Chaparral, however, uses 100 percent man-made CO2, which provides an environmentally-friendly method for producing domestic oil that would otherwise be left stranded in mature reservoirs.

“The ingenuity and ambition of the capture and sequestration initiative used in this project is truly industry-leading,” said Tracy. “As a whole, the CO2 emission reduction project goes well above and beyond any existing legal standards or regulations. At the same time, Chaparral has increased oil production by more than 150 percent since CO2 injection began in the North Burbank Unit – the single largest oil unit in the Oklahoma.”

Chaparral is a member company of the Environmental Federation of Oklahoma. For 25 years, the federation has encouraged responsible industrial growth with respect to the environment and provides Oklahoma companies a voice in the formulation and implementation of state and federal environmental laws, regulations and policies. The organization annually presents its Frank Condor Environmental Excellence award to an outstanding company that has implemented an innovative, voluntary and effective environmental program within the past three years.



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