Frank Condon Award for Environmental Excellence

img_5738In 1999, Environmental Federation of Oklahoma (EFO) initiated a program to honor outstanding environmental programs and/or projects by establishing the first Award for Environmental Excellence. The award is named after the late long-time EFO Board member and ODEQ Board member Frank Condon. The Frank Condon Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes member companies which have implemented innovative, voluntary, and effective environmental programs.  We celebrate and honor the memory of Frank Condon with this prestigious award to a worthy company every year.



Frank Condon Award Winners



Public Servant Award

EFO’ s Public Servant Award recognizes an individual embodying the traits and attributes of the consummate public servant, i.e., an individual who routinely goes above and beyond his or her job description in providing service to the regulated community in general and EFO members in particular.

A public servant’s qualifying actions for the award can be in the nature of a career of excellent service or for a single meaningful act, or any combination of the two.

Local, state and federal government employees, officers, and elected officials are eligible for the award.

Nominations must be made by an EFO member, be in writing and provide a detailed statement as to the basis of the nomination, including example(s) of the nominee’s actions warranting the award.

EFO’s Chairman appoints an Awards Committee charged with recommending one or more individuals to the Board for recognition at each year’s annual meeting.


Public Servant Award Winners